‘It’s Monday’ Playlist [12/10/20]

Five songs to start the week! Follow the Spotify playlist here for five new songs every Monday.

Upbeat Ritual – Thee Oh Sees/Osees (2020)

Anchored by a stunning groove, ‘Upbeat Ritual’ sees an expertly executed fusion of jazzy percussion with urgent alternative rock. There’s certainly a generous offering from it’s two-minute stint – ghostly, occultist lyrics (‘Conjuring a haunt with faceless science he has hidden in his spells‘), an understated yet commanding main hook, and a deranged electronic squeal complimenting every line. ‘Upbeat Ritual’ is a track that maintains an enticing urgency while holding an undeniable coolness in its stride.

24-7 – Nubiyan Twist & Ego Ella May (2020)

One of the easiest, most welcoming tracks of the year. ’24-7′ sees vocalist Ego Ella May’s mellow tones join the delicious support of jazz nine-piece (a ‘nonet’, for the experts) Nubiyan Twist. Understandably, this may be an over-indulgent track for some not especially partial to wild saxophone solos, though the hushed intricacies in every layer of the track make it difficult to refuse its flourishing nature.

Deep Red Bells – Neko Case (2002)

Despite its dark lyrical theme, ‘Deep Red Bells’ is a strutting number of elegant extravagance, gorgeous cultivating Americana, country and folk to realise a sublime and fearless outcome. Case’s vocals accommodate all emotions experienced throughout, effortlessly swinging from soft swoons to a more authoritative, all-encompassing intonation characterised by a unique initiative and intensity. Despite holding two distinct sections, the track avoids all feelings of disjointedness or ill-consideration and instead demonstrates a care-free aptitude and ease.

Pulsewidth – Aphex Twin (1992)

A tune as elusive in definitive mood as it is constructively sophisticated, ‘Pulsewidth’ oozes an aura of subtle danceability while sustaining a more melancholic undertone throughout. It is a somewhat arduous effort to categorise this track, not in terms of genre or style but more in terms of its general mood and personality. Arguably stemming from its lyrical absence and contrasting tones of club and consideration, ‘Pulsewidth’ is able to shake off generic labels and identify itself with an illusory and deceptive spirit.

Garden Song – Phoebe Bridgers (2020)

Showcasing a nostalgia of endearing pacifism, ‘Garden Song’ is a gently picked number that enforces itself with its enigmatic passivity and absorbing stillness. All resonance is hushed, with the track relying on its natural purity to guide the listener in its drifting dormancy. There’s something to be said in the assuredness of the track – it’s unashamedly soft and lingers in inertia without a trace of doubt or guilt, culminating in a wondrously understated transcendence.

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