It’s Monday Playlist [16/11/20]

Back from a week-long University induced hiatus, here are five songs to start your week! Follow the ‘It’s Monday Forever’ playlist here for every track to have featured in the series.

Like a Lady – Pom Poko (2020)

Following on from their excellent debut LP Birthday last year, ‘Like a Lady’ sees Pom Poko borrow from the likes of Pixies and Throwing Muses to deliver a composition simultaneously offering gentleness and fuzz-heavy power. Complimented by Ragnhild Jamtveit’s falsetto tones, Pom Poko achieve a distinct separation in sound from may of today’s guitar-led groups.

Honeydew – Mr Scruff/Fi (1999)

While Mr Scruff is perhaps more renowned for quirky instrumentals with unique sampling, ‘Honeydew’ showcases a remarkably assured and subtle side to his repertoire. Led by a swirling melody and infectious beat, Fi’s vocals float in enticing romanticism amongst the more intense backing with utopian lyrical promise (“Find a place where you can be free / Where the dew tastes of honey / And the trees bear the fruits of love”).

Summer Madness – Khurangbin (2020)

Slow, soothing and seductive, ‘Summer Madness’ exudes a cool and unhindered serving of momentary bliss. Originally by Kool and The Gang, it excels in its simplicity and restraint. While the lead guitar is given permission to gorgeously flourish there’s no moment of explosive catharsis or heavy intensity, only a deliciously relaxed instrumental which, with repeated listens, becomes more and more irresistible.

Set Up – Au Pairs (1979)

A post-punk wonder which deserves so much more attention. Spearheaded by a brooding, rumbling bassline and frantic, choppy guitar, singer Lesley Woods tells a dark tale of romantic uncertainty, deviance and deceit (“She’s closing her eyes / To those possible lies / Keeping the doubts / Locked tight up inside“). Blending the jagged edges of punk and the grooves of funk, ‘Set Up’ is both an unsettling yet incredibly potent track.

Cactused – Wire (2019)

Though some yearn for the late-70s days of Pink Flag and 154, it’s worth noting that Wire’s output has suffered little, if any, decline in quality overtime. Released early this year, ‘Cactused’ is an uplifting number that is only a stone’s throw in sound from their releases of forty years ago. It’s urgent, vocally restrained and holds a powerful hook which should win over any nay-sayers to their newer material.


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