It’s Monday Playlist [23/11/20]

Five songs to start the week! Follow the It’s Monday Forever playlist here for all the songs featured in the series so far.

Fucking Butter (Live at Vicar Street) – Girl Band (2020)

Nearly eight minutes of cacophonous, unhinged chaos. From their 2015 debut album Holding Hands With Jamie, this live version turns up the psychotic, restless nature of the track – the vocals are shouted and slurred, the drums devastating and the delivery utterly, utterly lethal. From the tense build-up, the middle’s discordance and the throbbing bass of the closing minutes, this is a delicious listen.

Skin and Bones – The Sundays (1990)

A track that can only be described as the absolute epitome of dreamy, hazy and nostalgic early-90s sounds. Held together by a gently understated rhythm section, the guitar flutters airily behind the ethereal, slow-dancing words of Harriet Wheeler in a wonderfully delicate composition. It’s incredible to witness how tracks such as this (and albums such as Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) are so often forgotten amidst their more anthemic contemporaries.

One Four Seven One – Arab Strap (1999)

On the flip side of early-90s exuberance lies this. Exuding an enticing yet depressingly sobering semblance, ‘One Four Seven One’ is one of Arab Strap’s darker and more introverted numbers that thrives in its sombre realism and soft percussive insistency. Aidan Moffat’s vocals drag in dreary lethargy while portraying an episode of romantic disloyalty (“I know it was just the once / But what if that’s enough?“), bringing together a bleak composition that lingers between the ears.

I Wished On The Moon – Billie Holiday (1956)

Though some bemoan Holiday’s depleting health and the subsequent loss in vibrancy in her voice, there is still so much to love in her later recordings. ‘I Wished On The Moon’ is a beautifully peaceful standard from 1956 LP Stay With Me that is gorgeously hushed and unhurried, wrapping its arms around the listener with softness and care.

Friday 13th – Gorillaz feat. Octavian (2020)

The fourth single from Gorillaz’s stunningly eclectic Song Machine, ‘Friday 13th’ is a reggae-twanged number that offers both buoyancy and restraint. Similar in mood to a slowed-down New Order, the choppy synths, guitar and piano backing provides an ordered disjointedness to Octavian’s introspective lyricisms. A pretty, mellow and hopeful track.

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