It’s Monday Playlist [14/12/20]

Five songs to start your week! Follow the It’s Monday Forever Playlist for every track featured in the series so far, updated with five new songs every week. (Photo: Pennie Smith)

If Music Could Talk – The Clash (1980)

A lesser renowned number on the 36-track Sandinista!, that celebrated its 40th birthday on Saturday, but one that exhibits the skill and flair of The Clash. Anchored by a wonderful Topper Headon groove, every part is afforded a freedom to flourish without overpowering or dominating the overall sound. A too often overlooked beauty.

Archid Orange Dwarf – Hannah Peel (2017)

Layering synth, brass and gentle harmonies together, Peel calls back to the minimalist sounds of Philip Glass in the ascendant ‘Archid Orange Dwarf’. There’s an endearing gentleness and an uplifting growth to the track that exudes an irresistible warmth that captivates all it touches.

Carolyn’s Fingers – Cocteau Twins (1988)

With its gently picked riff, subtle urgency and Elizabeth Fraser’s glorious vocals, ‘Carolyn’s Fingers’ is a seductively ethereal treat. Lasting just over only three minutes, it’s packed to the brim with gorgeous atmospherics and dreamy ambience, leaving you begging for more on. its departure.

Like Before You Were Born – DIIV (2019)

By any means, this is certainly a throwback in sound to the romantic Shoegaze of the late 80s and early 90s, but ‘Like Before You Were Born’ still holds its own. Cole Smith’s vocals are softly understated in graceful coalescence with the heavy distortion of the strings, resulting in elegantly ghostly vibrations.

Aquarius – Boards of Canada (1998)

Driven by a lethargic but grabbing beat, ‘Aquarius’ delves into aspects of vocal absurdity and transcendent, spacey harmonies to produce an otherworldly electronic sound. Littered with obscure samples and random musical twists, this is a intriguing and fascinating listen.

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