The Year Ahead…

Hello readers old and new, and happy new year!

After a hectic December of twenty posts in sixteen days things on the blog are going to be a little more relaxed over the next month or two. There are a couple of reasons for this shift: firstly, December saw me put a lot of my university work on hold, and as a result I now have a busy couple of weeks this month to make amends (entirely my fault, I know). Secondly, I’m planning on branching out into writing for different sites and publications so my time is going to be even more thinly spread.

To make up for this less frequent content, I have many more expansive avenues I want to explore with the blog. Where writing is concerned, I’m on the hunt for upcoming artists to showcase and am looking to do some album reviews for some of my favourite bands (Sleaford Mods and Pom Poko come to mind for this month, amongst others). Additionally, I’m (probably) going to try my hand at writing more extensive feature pieces that study a specific artist/album/song in more depth and insight. I have a few ideas floating around, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

The most exciting plan I have is to start a podcast to chat with young, fledgling artists about their music, their personal and musical background, and to have a more general conversation about anything and everything that may crop up. Maybe a podcast on older music too?! Very loose ideas at the moment, but something I’m very eager to delve into!

On a personal note, I have successfully applied to become a contributor at The Indiependent (all I write will be available on here!) and am looking to start a weekly radio show at my university. I’m also currently writing my dissertation on Punk, media responses to and portrayals of it, which, if all goes well, I would love to share on the blog. It’d be a hefty, hefty post, but if you’re anywhere as nerdy as me then I’d like to think it’ll be an inviting read.

So, 2021 is looking be quite a busy one for me on all fronts, but hopefully I can keep content on here relevant, interesting and rewarding for all involved! And, as ever, thanks to the readers and artists who have interacted with both the blog and myself – I couldn’t do it without all of you music junkies out there passionately creating and supporting sounds old and new.



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